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Seminar on digitalisation

Learn about the research carried out in digitalisation and smart industry, and learn about what companies have taken away from these research projects.

2017.10.20 | Mette Stig Hansen

Date Tue 14 Nov
Time 09:00 17:00
Location Richard Mortensenstuen, Studenterhusfonden, Fredrik Nielsens Vej 4, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark


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8:30 Coffee and registration

9:00 Welcome to the first DIGIT event, Peter Gorm Larsen, AU/ENG

9:30 Machine Learning for Media Data Analysis, Alexandros Iosifidis, AU/ENG

10:00 Application of neural networks analysis in medicine, Lars Nørvang Andersen, AU/MATH

10:30 Coffee break and demonstration stands

11:00 Multi-Party Computation, Jesper Buus Nielsen, AU/CS

11:30 Optimisation of harvesting operations, Morten Bilde, AGCO A/S

12:00 – 13:00 Lunch

13:00 Introduction to the INTO-CPS Technology, Peter Gorm Larsen, AU/ENG

13:20 Use of INTO-CPS for large ship engines at MAN, by Nicolai Pedersen, MAN

13:40 Agricultural robotics, by Frederik Foldager, Agro Intelligence

14:00 Building automation for HVAC systems, Luis Couto, UTRC

14:20 Routing for electric vehicles, Christian König, TWT

14:40 A distributed railway interlocking system, Julien Ouy, ClearSy

15:00 Coffee break and demonstration stands

15:30 – 17:00 General Assembly for the INTO-CPS Association, chaired by Peter Gorm Larsen