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CP-SENS - Cyber-Physical Sensing for Machinery and Structures

A Digital Twin is the combination of a physical system and its simulation model with data exchange in between. The physical system is equipped with sensors, which, in combination with simulation models, enable the estimation of unobserved parameters (model updating) or unmeasured quantities (virtual sensing). CP-SENS develops a new generation of Digital-Twin-friendly sensing technology that enables mechanical and civil engineers to craft Digital Twins quickly and efficiently with little simulation engineering competencies. CP-SENS Digital Twins are meant to equip thousands of machines and constructions either using out-of-shelf, cost-effective computing platforms like Raspberry Pi or cloud solutions. CP-SENS Digital Twin relies on cost-effective digital sensing units developed by HBK integrated with an easy-to-use open-source Digital Twin software framework jointly developed by Aarhus University, Depts. of Electrical and Computer Eng., Civil and Architectural Eng., aAnd Mechanical and Production Eng. (AU-ECE, AU-CAE, AU-MPE). CP-SENS accompanies Vestas Aircoil (VA) and Vienna Consulting Engineers (VCE) throughout the Digital Twin transformation. CP-SENS Digital Twin know-how is transferred to FORCE Technology so that any other Danish enterprise can access it.