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BIM2TWIN - Optimal Construction Management & Production Control

The project “BIM2TWIN: Optimal Construction Management & Production Control” (2020-2024) is sponsored by the European Commission’s Horizons 2020 Framework Programme through its Digital Twins call for proposals. It aims to build a Digital Building Twin (DBT) platform that provides full situational awareness for construction management by implementing lean principles to reduce operational waste of all kinds, shorten schedules, reduce carbon footprint and costs, and enhance quality and safety. It supports a closed loop Plan-Do-Check-Act mode of construction and an extensive set of construction management applications.

The key research features of BIM2TWIN are:

  • Digital collaboration among project stakeholders to advance industry standards, methods and best practices.
  • Grounded conceptual analysis of data, information and knowledge in the context of DBTs, which underpins a robust system architecture.
  • A common platform for reality data acquisition and complex event processing to interpret multiple monitored data streams from construction site and supply chain to establish real-time project status and condition in a Project Status Model (PSM).
  • Exposure of the PSM to a suite of construction management workflow applications through an easily accessible application programming interface (API) and directly to users through a visual information dashboard.
  • Applications include monitoring of schedule, quantities & budget, quality, safety, and environmental impact.

PSM representation based on property graph semantically linked to the Building Information Model (BIM) and all project management data. The property graph enables flexible, scalable storage of raw monitoring data in different formats, as well as storage of interpreted information. It enables smooth transition from construction to operation.