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Rent a Reasearcher

If you are faced with a digitalisation challenge or opportunity in your company that requires research expertise to solve or develop, we invite you to contact us through our “Rent a researcher” scheme.

You present your digitalisation challenge or opportunity to us and we give you feedback on what the options are and what we can offer in your specific case. If it turns out that your challenge requires additional research and you would like us to explore this, we will set up a contract with you for the collaboration.

If you are interested in exploring the opportunities offered in this scheme, please contact Andy Drysdale for an informal talk or meeting.


Academic Research Collaboration Officer (RCO)

The RCO acts as a facilitator and supports partnerships with other AU academics interested in collaborating with DIGIT stakeholders, for example working with other AU research centres. The officer is responsible for planning and executing research collaboration activities such as researcher matchmaking, joint grant-proposal writing, and meetings organisation.

If you are interested in exploring the opportunities offered in this scheme, please contact Hugo Daniel Macedo for an informal talk or meeting.




ORBIT Lab is an open tech and innovation hub and a thriving community of highly committed students, startups, researchers and industry experts. We provide a platform where community members can work creatively with emerging and digital technologies to build innovative solutions and get hands-on experience while solving real-world problems. We also foster an entrepreneurial mindset among students and researchers who can work on their startup and spinout ideas with access to specialized facilities and an interdisciplinary environment.

We host regular community events focusing on digital technologies and tech entrepreneurship powered by our vast network of partners from academia, industry and the tech startup ecosystem.

Read more about ORBIT Lab or get in touch to learn more about opportunities to collaborate.