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The ACCURATE project aims to boost the competitiveness of European manufacturing companies and value chains by improving their sustainability, performance stability, resilience, and ability to manage unforeseen events. To achieve these benefits, ACCURATE will develop innovative approaches and deliver an integrated set of results, culminating into: 1) a human-centric Decision Support System offering a better understanding of the impact of unforeseen events on manufacturing and industrial networks, providing timely, optimal and robust manufacturing supply and value chains design, planning, stress testing, reconfiguration and recovery, and improving their circularity and sustainability performances; 2) a Manufacturing As A Service framework covering multiple critical supply and value chains, leveraging data space technologies as well as multi-scale and multi-level Digital Twins and co-simulation, delivering swift adaptation capabilities of logistics and production that are technically and economically viable; 3) an open, standard-based, federated, trusted data space and ecosystem integrating data flows, models, and tools across actors in manufacturing value chains, creating smart manufacturing networks empowering humans and organizations to share valuable information and collaborate on MAAS solutions while retaining full sovereignty over their sensitive data and intellectual property. ACCURATE will also enable swift adaptation of logistics and production planning to mitigate the impact of the varying external conditions with the goal to maintain high sustainability, circularity and resources utilization efficiency.

ACCURATE results will be validated in 3 pivotal use cases covering multiple key European industrial sectors and value networks (aerospace, automotive, biotech, energy, medical, mobility). The ACCURATE consortium acknowledges the transformative potential of data spaces and ecosystems in revolutionizing business models and value propositions and will leverage these technologies and approaches to achieve impact, create resilient manufacturing networks, instigate deep innovation and accelerate results adoption.