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WP6: Digital Business Development

A company’s ability to work efficiently with incorporating new technologies as part pf their digital business development efforts is highly related to the company’s digital maturity.

In our research we focus on how digital technologies and the use of Big Data can enable and provide the platform for developing and adopting digital business models in individual companies and across their ecosystems. More specifically, we focus on the following three areas:

  1. The use of digital technologies and digitalisation for digital business development. Big Data and digital technologies are central for digital business development and the disruptive business innovation tendencies of this decade and probably also for decades to come. We look at  how different company types, industries and sectors apply digital technologies to design digital businesses and digital business models.
  2. The design and implementation processes of digital business development. Through digitalisation of the business functions, data can be provided to enhance and develop each of these functions and thus the entire value chain. In practice this is demonstrated in the dramatic change of the marketing functions focus on online, social media and mobile marketing. We explore the specific processes that go into the adoption and implementation of digital business development – viewed from both a business and technology angle.
  3. The effect and business opportunities of digitalisation across ecosystems. Digitalisation affects entire ecosystems, their business models and the underlying business functions of a company’s value chain. We examine which metric and measurement systems are applied and needs development to better assess the tangible as well as intangible value creation and –capture of digital business development.