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Related Research Projects

The list below includes research projects completed or started by the DIGIT partners before the DIGIT centre was established. They are all related to the digitalisation theme.

MADE SPIR: MADE is applying research, driving innovation and strengthening education to improve the competitiveness of Danish manufacturing. MADE achieves this by working in collaboration with companies, universities and GTS institutes to make Denmark the world’s most competitive manufacturing country. Here Department of Computer Science lead a work package on Lifelong Product Customization, which and also involves Department of Engineering.

MADE Digital: Denmark will digitalize its manufacturing industry to compete globally with an investment of DKK 196m from Innovation Fund Denmark, 49 companies, five universities, three GTS-Institutes and the Confederation of Danish Industry. The project is headed by MADE – Manufacturing Academy of Denmark, with the purpose of strengthening Danish manufacturing with new knowledge and digital technology. Here Department of Computer Science lead a work package on Digital Assistance tools and Department of Engineering lead a work package on Smart Industrial Products.

INTO-CPS: This is a H2020 project entitled “Integrated Tool Chain for Model-based Design of Cyber-Physical Systems” with a budget at EUR 8 million coordinated by Department of Engineering. It aims to develop a new form of interaction between physical objects and their computer control using different software models. The technology will make it easier to develop credible Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs) which will be important for industry’s ability to innovate in the future.

Smart Industry: This in a project supported by the Region of Central Denmark targeting the innovation in the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the region with including innovative digitalization technologies to come up with smarter products. The focus of this project are production, agriculture and energy organisations and this project has a budget of 25 MDKK and it is led by Department of Engineering.

DESTECS: This "Design Support and Tooling for Embedded Control Software" FP7 project focused on developing design methods and tools that bridge the gap between the disciplines involved in designing an embedded system: systems, control, mechanical and software engineering, for example. This project was a precursor to the INTO-CPS project mentioned above and here Department of Engineering lead a work package on tool development.

Future Cropping: This project has a budget of DKK 100 million, where researchers and companies innovate to improve competitiveness in future Danish agricultural crop production using big data. Here Department of Engineering lead the work involving innovative use of open data and Department of Computer Science is also included.

IoF2020 - Internet of Food and Farm 2020: This is a "Large Scale Project” under H2020 with a large network of 73 partners with a total budget in the order of 225 million DKK over four years. The target is to ensure massive use of IoT technologies in EUs agriculture and food industries. Department of Engineering participates in this project.

SAFE: This project deals with safety related to autonomous operations in the agriculture section.  Department of Engineering is involved here using machine learning on video streaming.

Off-line and on-line logistics planning of harvesting processes: This project is funded with 6 MDKK by the Danish Innovation Foundation and the participants are AGCO and Department of Engineering. It is targeting digitalisation of harvesting logistics using modelling principles to derive plans for all vehicles involved in such operations.

DABAI: This "DAnish Centre for Big Data Analytics driven Innovation" project is supported by the Danish Innovation Foundation by 17 Million euro. Here Department of Computer Science plays a central role

Data Science on the Desktop: This is a 6MDKK FTP2 project granted 2017, with Department of Computer Science leading the project.

SODA:  A 7M€ H2020 project on Scalable Oblivious Data Analytics involving experts on data analytics and CoED. The focus is on facilitating analysis across data from several data controllers with an aim at the health care use cases by always keeping the data in the encrypted domain and carefully controlling the results published from the analysis. Department of Computer Science is contributing existing CoED technology and theoretical knowhow needed to develop new practical CoED techniques for the given domain.  

MPCPRO: 15 MDKK ERC Advanced Grant held by Ivan Damgård at CS. The aim is to advance the theoretical foundation of CoED and to increase the technological readiness level of CoED beyond the current state-of-the-art.

FoCC: 7M DKK DFF-FNU Sapere Aude Starting grant. This is a personal grant held by Claudio Orlandi at  Department of Computer Science. The aim is to advance the theoretical foundation of CoED.

CSGB: led from Department of Mathematics, is a Villum Foundation funded Centre working on stochastic analysis of advanced bioimaging data. Its specialist areas include stereology, spatial statistics and statistical image analysis.

Next Generation Internet (NGI): led by Aarhus BSS as a cross-disciplinary network rethinking the internet including IoT and cyber-security aspects.