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DLTE - Demonstration of Lifetime Extension Concept for Wind Parks

Lifetime extension is one of the most important topics in the wind industry. The offshore wind energy sector has more than 30 years today, which means that some of the offshore wind turbines are coming to the end of their certification period. This forces park owners to plan on either extending the lifetime, repowering, or decommissioning several wind turbines. Current lifetime extension solutions in the market are focused on analyzing operational data, and practical inspections. However, these sources of data are often not sufficient to assess the state of the park and its remaining life. In response to this limitation, DLTE develops a platform for hybrid testing of wind turbine components. DLTE vision is that lifetime extension of the wind park shall be granted upon hybrid testing of a pool of critical components taken from few of the wind turbines of the park. To protect industrial secrets, the platform will allow for secure model coupling over the Internet. The partners of the project are R&D Test Systems A/S, a world leader in delivering large-scale test benches for the wind industry, Aarhus University, Dept. of Civil and Architectural Eng. (AU-CAE) and Dept. of Electrical and Computer Eng. (AU-ECE), which contributes with expertise on hybrid testing and co-simulation.