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Joint Webinar from HUBCAP, Centre for Digital Twins, INTO-CPS Association


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Monday 29 June 2020,  at 10:00 - 12:00


Microsoft teams

10:00: The Future of MBD CPS Development by Peter Gorm Larsen

10:20: Demonstrating the INTO-CPS Application inside the HUBCAP collaboration platform sandbox by Hugo Daniel Macedo

10:50: Demonstrating the RT-Tester functionality and its connection to INTO-CPS Application by Jörg Brauer

11:10: Demonstrating the FMU Static Checker by Nick Battle

11:20: Demonstrating the Python FMU capabilities by Christian Legaard

11:40: Presenting the RabbitFMU capability by Casper Thule

11:55: Closing remarks by Peter Gorm Larsen



The videos from this session can be found here.