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DIGIT Manifesto

Professor Peter Gorm Larsen, lead of DIGIT

The members of DIGIT can collaborate in research activities (in particular in an interdisciplinary setting where digitalization is included), but in order to ensure that this is valuable to all parties it is important that the following principles are followed:


  • Mutual respect for each other: Whenever interacting with other DIGIT stakeholders have respect for the other party also when their disciplinary background is significantly different than your own.
  • Fairness: When collaborating on a research idea make sure that there is a fair and appropriate split of the benefits according to effort in case the ideas are funded with external grants.
  • Refine research ideas: Often research applications are not funded first time they are submitted. In case of collaborative applications make sure that there is consensus if the idea is twisted and a new application is submitted between the co-applicants.
  • Enable growth of your colleagues: Within DIGIT, we believe in mutual support and the potential of personal growth. Full professors should support researchers at who are less senior. Senior researcher such as associate and full professors shall support researchers in earlier stages while allowing sufficient room for individual growth and development.
  • Be curious and patient: In an interdisciplinary research project it can happen that different disciplines have very different ways of solving the same issue, and in these cases give space and carefully listen and try to understand the other ways of reaching a solution.
  • Common terminology: Language is formed by our experience. It is normal that, when coming from different backgrounds, we might utilize different words for the same things. Within DIGIT, we keep this in mind and aim to agree upon a common terminology whenever starting new interdisciplinary research since other the same term is used in different disciplines with different meanings.


If there is a disagreement about whether these principles are followed the DIGIT lead team will discuss the best way forward with the board (the respective DIGIT head of departments).