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The Aarhus University Centre for Digital Twins has seven overall tasks:

Getting data

Getting data about the physical CPSs from the physical sensors and actuators corresponding to the different constituent models from the multi-model of the CPS.

Semantic foundation

The semantic foundation of the INTO-CPS co-simulation will be expanded to cope with uncertainties.


The Maestro co-simulation capability takes the time-series of data as input to the FMUs representing the multi-models or the digital version of the CPS.


We will produce a service enabling calibration/adaptation of a CPS, in particular in relation to its environment, in particular for applications such as the mobile robots.


The monitoring of the difference between how the physical CPS performs compared to what the co-simulation of the corresponding multi-model predicts will be added as a new service.

What-if analysis

Human operators need a capability to experiment with potential interactions in the control of the real CPS such that what-if analysis can be achieved.