2018.11.30 | Knowledge exchange

Professor Mark Podolskij receives ERC grant

The ERC grant is targeted excellent research and the visionary researchers who tread new roads in research areas of great importance.

2018.11.27 | Knowledge exchange

ICT Networking Dinner

The aim with the networking dinner is to bring Danish, German, Swiss and Austrian researchers and industry representatives together to network and discuss joint Horizon 2020 proposals. The hope is that participants will make new connections or find new partners for their current or upcoming proposals for Horizon 2020.

2018.08.14 | Research news

ERC Starting Grant for research in next level cryptographic protocols

The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded Associate Professor Claudio Orlandi from DIGIT at Aarhus University a starting grant worth €1.5M for research into private and efficient secure multiparty computation (MPC).

2018.03.23 | Knowledge exchange

More muscle for digitalisation research

Most disruption happening to societies throughout the world is driven by radical innovations suitable for novel IT-based solutions. The new DIGIT Centre is significantly strengthening Aarhus University in its research abilities in the area of digitalisation.