In order to have a higher degree of collaboration with external organisations (both public and private institutions), the centre will establish a "rent a researcher" possibility where external organisations will have an opportunity for getting hold of an Aarhus University employed researcher for a limited amount of time to work on a digitalisation challenge/opportunity experienced by the external organisation as described above. Researchers who are interested in such an exchange in a particular subject can enter a database of research experts that are willing to enter into such an exchange agreement. 

The intend is that the external organisation will get a clarification by the researcher of what will be possible to achieve for the digitalisation challenge/opportunity identified. In particular, if the external organisation does not already have researchers in the digitalisation area this can be a valuable clarification. It will also be an opportunity for the external organisation to determine whether Aarhus University researchers have anything to offer that may be of valuable to them. If it turns out that it requires additional research contacts will be established to continue possible collaborations.

If you are interested in exploring the opportunities offered in this scheme, please contact Andy Drysdale for an informal talk or meeting.


Andy Drysdale

Program Manager